Your Cult Wine Investment profile

Learn about the Cult Wine Investment client portal, its function, and important features.

What is my client portal?
Your portal helps you understand how you’re investing. You’ll see a summary outlining your total funds invested, what percentage and value of your portfolio is invested in each wine growing region, as well as an outline of the performance by region.
Where do I find it?
You can find your profile by logging into your account with your email and password via
What can I edit?
There are a number of things you can customise in your portal. From the settings menu you can adjust the currency your portfolio displays in, change your password, and submit a change detail request. Furthermore, you can use the 'Invest Now' function to view and purchase Exclusive Offers and New Releases.
What is my investing breakdown?
In “My Investments” you can view Current Stock along with relevant financial and portfolio performance information, along with Live-Ex performance details and current pricing for each wine in your portfolio.
In the “My Cellar” function, you can view each individual wine that you have purchased, where it is stored and the option to take delivery of your wine, should you wish to do so (subject to applicable taxes and delivery fees).
Is my profile public?
No. Your profile is private and only you can see it.