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Why didn't I receive a verification email?

Find out why an email from our platforms may not received and how to resolve.

Some email providers automatically filter automated messages as spam. If you can't find our verification emails in your inbox, check your spam and trash folders.
If you don't see our verification email in either of those folders, please try using your email provider's search function and enter our email domain "@cultwines.com & @wineinvestment.com". This should help you find all emails from us, even those that may have been directed to other folders.
If you're still unable to find your verification email, please try the following:
  • Add "no-reply@mailer.wineinvestment.com" to your contacts list
  • If your email settings has a Safe Senders list, add no-reply@mailer.wineinvestment.com to your Safe Senders list. This is different from your contacts list
  • Review all of your folders, labels, and filters. Sometimes a filter will move the email out of the inbox
Once you have tried the above, please access https://www.wineinvestment.com/my-account/ - select existing customers login, then follow the forgotten password process to receive a new link.