How do I increase my level of investment?

Ways to increase your investment portfolio with Cult Wine Investment.

If you wish to increase your investment portfolio with Cult Wine Investment you can do so through the following options:
  • Visit your client portal where you can find exclusive offers and new releases that you can add to your portfolio immediately
  • Select the 'Get in Touch' option on the client portal
  • For Cru Classe clients you may Email
  • For Premier Cru and above - we would recommend discussing with your Relationship Manager if you would like to invest in more wine
Please note:  If you increase your level of investment beyond the threshold of your current plan, this will automatically change to the next level up, and you will be able to receive the additional benefits aligned to that specific investment plans.
For Cru Classe, the biggest change is that you will be assigned a Relationship Manager who can advise and assist with your portfolio.