How to withdraw funds

Withdrawing funds is simple, use the My Wallet function on the app.

If you wish to withdraw funds from your CultX account, you may do so at any time. 
Please note that currently we can only transfer money to a bank account.

How to withdraw:
  1. Click on the profile icon
  2. Choose My wallet
  3. Select "Withdraw Funds"
  4. Input amount 
  5. Enter your banking details as per the fields on screen
  6. Verify your billing address
  7. Click "Confirm"
  8. You will see an on-screen message advising we will be on contact to verify details and confirm timeline for fund transfer.
If there are any problems, please get in touch by:
  1. Emailing
  2. By accessing Help & Support in the menu section of the app
  3. Or, clicking Help on the bottom right of the web browser
Upon receipt of your query, one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.