How to cancel or amend a transfer of funds

Bank Transfers can take up to 4 days, so you may be able to contact your banking provider to cancel the transfer request.

Transfers of funds into your CultX account by card, are immediate in most cases.  If the funds are showing in your account in both circumstances you can select  "Withdraw Funds" from the "My Wallet" section of your account.

If the transfer was done as part of a bid, please cancel the bid first.  

Cancelling My Bid
  1. From the options on screen, choose "My Trade".
  2. Go to "MY BIDS" and select the ellipsis at the right side of the screen under the ACTIONS column for the selected wine you wish to edit.
  3. Choose "Cancel bid" and confirm the cancellation of your bid.
    n.b - You may also edit your bid if your preference is to reduce the sum invested

As soon as funds are showing in your CultX account, you may "Withdraw Funds". A direct refund may also be available if it is same amount as funded.