Buying and selling wine

Buy and sell wines simply with CultX.

With CultX, there's two ways someone can purchase a wine. Either by placing a bid or by going through the "Buy now" flow. 

When placing a bid you can set the price that you wish to pay for a wine when purchasing. Or, receive for a wine when selling.

If you go through the "Buy now" flow you will be buying the wine at the specified offer price. If you want to buy a wine, but there is either no offer out on the wine or if the offer is a higher price than you wish to pay, you can place a bid.

If there is a match for your ideal purchase/sale price the sale will be processed immediately. However, if there is not a match, the purchase or sale will not go through.  At any point you can adjust the purchase or sale prices in order to speed up your desired transaction.

The wine you purchase is stored in our warehouses and will remain in bond. If the owner wishes to take physical ownership, they may do so if the correct taxes and duties are paid. Always note the location of your wines as this may impact timing for delivery.