Add funds

Visit the My Wallet section of the app to add funds and get started.

You can add funds via credit or debit card in your CultX account.
  1. Click on the profile icon
  2. Choose My wallet
  3. Click "Top-up"
  4. Confirm billing address
  5. Key-in the amount to top-up
  6. Enter your card details 
  7. Click Pay now
  8. You should see a success message on screen 
  9. Within 1-2 minutes the wallet balance should adjust to reflect added funds

* There is no charge to add funds, fees only apply on the purchase or sale of wines on the CultX platform.

If the top-up is unsuccessful you will see a message on screen.  Should this happen we would recommend:-
  1. Checking with card provider that funds are available
  2. Resubmitting request ensuring card details have been input correctly

If problems still persist, you can contact our support team by:-

  1. Emailing
  2. By accessing Help & Support in the menu section of the app
  3. Or, clicking Help on the bottom right of the web browser

Upon receipt of your query, one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.